We were asked by some friends of ours (the East End of Greenock Churches) to design and produce several large Celtic crosses, for a visit to sister churches in Zambia.

7 of these were originally made and went with the group to Zambia in 2013 as part of their “Together for Change” programme.

We originally produced these from African Iroko Wood and were so impressed that we decided to make smaller versions for our range of hand finished wooden items. We now produce these from ash, beech or oak.

These all polish to a lovely finish which highlights the grain on each cross and the hand finishing means that each piece is individually unique.


Ash with base and without  170mm
Beech Flat Pack 170mm
Beech Flat Pack 90mm


Due to products being hand made from various woods, sizes may have a slight variance of a few millimetres.


Dimensions 19 × 10 × 1.8 cm
Cross Style

Ash with Base (170mm), Ash no Base (170mm), Beech Flat Pack (170mm), Beech Flat Pack (90mm), Keyring


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Hardwood Celtic Cross




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